Like many clever ideas, Olivia Luca rode out of the mists of one woman’s imagination. Her idea was to create a way for you—and women across the nation—to design your own dress, in your own style, for your own body, without sewing a stitch. A dress that you could fashion specifically for yourself but without picking up a single thimble. Or pricking even a pinkie. A dress that you could create at your own leisure, in your own way, maybe even from the comfort of your own home. No rush. No muss. No pressure. No sewing skills required. An exquisite dress made from beautiful, lush fabrics, with every seam stitched just for you. A dress that is affordable but impossibly appropriate.

Photo: Aisha Harley

And so Olivia Luca came to be. Sumptuous fabrics meet design elements that can be mixed and matched for the perfect dress that fits, flatters and flaunts your individual style, complexion, figure and taste. At Olivia Luca, it’s all about your choice: you select the design, from bodice style to skirt length, right down to the sweetest sash. Your creation is then carefully stitched in the Olivia Luca atelier for the most perfect dress ever—just the way you want it.

Whether you’re the bride. A bridesmaid. A guest. A graduate. Or just planning a big night out. Nothing beats the perfect dress. Make sure it’s yours. All yours.

Olivia Luca. Dress for the occasion.