Below you will find a general introduction to how our process works at Olivia Luca, on the actual website you will find lots of details, particularly on the "Policies" page.

All of the options in quotes below are found in the main drop down "Menu" on the website.

The "Design Studio" is an interactive tool we created that lets you design your dress from dozens of various options.  You can choose the bodice style, skirt style, fabric and color, add details and choose their fabric and color.  Then once you choose a size the price will be calculated for that specific design. (If you are not sure which size to choose go to the "Sizing" page for measurement/size details or guess and edit it later.)

Then save your design to your own "Dressing Room"  after doing that you can go back and design more dresses, as many as you like, so you can compare them side by side in style, detail and price.  It's fun and some-what addicting!

From your "Dressing Room" you can edit any of the saved dresses, print them out, email them to friends, create more options or add a dress to your shopping cart and purchase it.

The "Fabric" page has photos and descriptions of the fabrics we offer.

You can order swatches by clicking on the "Individual Swatches" image on the first page of the "Individual Swatches".

***The "Policies" page describes in detail how the process works and informs you about what you can expect when ordering from us.  We highly recommend reading this page as it will answer many questions, even ones you may not have thought of!

Our turn around time is 12 weeks from the date of order to the date of shipping.  We recommend that you order at least 16 weeks before your event so you have plenty of time to have any needed alterations done by your local alterations specialist for a perfect fit.  (Rush orders may be an option, but they do include rush fees.)

Once you have visited the site and become more familiar with what we offer we are more than happy to answer additional questions and send related photos.  The more specific the questions the easier they are to answer.  Call or email us at

It's also helpful if you save the designs that you are interested in and have questions about, if you include the email login ID you are saving them to your "Dressing Room" under we can go in and look at them too.

We hope that is helpful, and that you have fun designing your own dresses with our "Design Studio" tool!

Photo: David Roth